The Birth of Toys Before Boys

Hi! I am Sylvia the owner of Toys Before Boys.  I started this shop during the pandemic of 2020, because I was unemployed after 3 decades of service to the non-profit industry. I found myself changing my ideas about what I wanted in my life and where I wanted to put my talents.  In summary I was no longer interested in being a watered down version of myself to fit into the corporate culture.  I am passionate about so many things, but I have a huge drive to help further female empowerment. I decided to do that in what friends have called "the most Sylvia thing that a Sylvia could do".  

So here are a few of my favorite things!!!! (I sincerely hope you sang that, if you did we are definitely going to be best friends and you are going to love this shop!!)

We've got gear for the proud divorcee, the witches, the mermaids and of course the fae folk, bdsm apparel, feminist icon fangirl tees, tried and tested toe curling sex toys, fuck the patriarchy statement tops, pole dancing tees and shorts and just a plethora of other wild and sassy items designed to inspire you and help you augment your own self care and pleasure. 

Toys Before Boys is truly a plethora of delights.  I just wanted to say plethora again.  Okay go shopping already!!  

Love Always, 

Sylvia xox